What is Spiritual Freedom?

By Keith Sherwood

When asked about spiritual freedom, Meher Baba, one of India’s most acclaimed spiritual teachers, said: “All life is an effort to attain freedom from self-created entanglement; it is a desperate struggle to undo what has been done under ignorance – to throw away the accumulated burden of the past – to find rescue from the debris left by a series of temporary achievements and failures.

It may come as a surprise to learn that freedom of this sort isn’t reserved for Eastern adepts and spiritual masters. The truth is that spiritual freedom is available to everyone who has the yearning for it and who sincerely seeks it. That’s because every human is an interdimensional being who has access to all the consciousness and life-affirming energy they need to be spiritually free during all the progressive stages of life. Spiritual freedom, therefore, is everyone’s natural condition. And nothing you or anyone else can do will change that.

Unfortunately, it’s possible for spiritual freedom to be blocked by attachments created by karmic baggage and the acculturation process.

How spiritual freedom can be blocked and how you can begin to restore it will become clearer once you know how karmic baggage and the acculturation process has effected your subtle field of consciousness and energy.

Karmic Baggage

According to the Yogic sutras, karmic baggage includes all forms of consciousness and energy – with individual qualities – that have become trapped in your subtle field, the non-physical field of consciousness and energy that interpenetrates your physical-material body.

Yogic adepts classified fields of karmic baggage as either tamasic, sattvic or ragistic. Tamasic fields are the most dense and distorted. When there is an inordinate amount of tamasic consciousness and energy trapped in your subtle field, it will cause the most distress and will have the most disruptive effect on your health and well-being.

Ragistic fields are less dense than tamasic fields. In most cases, ragistic fields will have less impact on your health and well-being. But the presence of an inordinate amount of ragistic consciousness and energy in your subtle field will push you out of the ever-present Now and make it difficult for you to embrace subtle fields of consciousness and energy with universal qualities.

Sattvic fields are the least dense and active. This makes them less disruptive to your health and well-being. However, they can still interfere with your ability to be yourself and express yourself freely.

Everyone has come into this life with karmic baggage trapped in their subtle field. And virtually everyone has added additional layers, in this life, by integrating attachments into their subtle field.

Swami Sivananda, a Yogic master who wrote extensively about the self-limiting aspects of karmic baggage, explained that “Every thought” (that springs from karmic baggage) “has got a weight, shape, size, form, color, quality and power. Thoughts are like things... bitterness and sweetness... are in the mind. They are created by thought.

An important feature of karmic baggage is the ease in which it can be projected from one person to another. In male-dominant cultures, karmic baggage in the form of distorted waves, cords and fields, etc. are regularly projected by people in authority to those dependent on them. This is one reason why the values of patriarchal cultures can be so difficult to overcome.

The Core Values of Patriarchy

The core values of patriarchal cultures are remarkably similar. They include male domination, the establishment of hierarchies, romanticizing the culture of ego, victimizing the innocent and vulnerable – and blaming the victim. The more male dominant the culture, the more challenging it will be for people to trust themselves and embrace life-affirming values such as compassion, empathy and generosity, all of which support spiritual freedom.

Some people have suggested that progress has been made in the last few decades – and a healthier balance has been achieved. But if you look behind the curtain, the effects of patriarchal programming and conditioning can be seen clearly in government policy, cultural institutions and in religious doctrine and tradition. All this programming is the result of a patriarchal belief system that seeks to dictate what kind of energy and consciousness a virtuous person should embrace and share with other people.

The projection of karmic baggage that is tamasic and that continues to be encouraged by patriarchal societies can be particularly destructive for a number of reasons. Tamasic projections disrupt the flow of life-affirming consciousness and energy through the subtle field. This makes it extremely difficult for people who’ve been victimized by these projections to form a life-affirming identity, experience pleasure, love, intimacy and joy or trust themselves.

Although most people think that social conditioning is necessary, the projection of tamasic consciousness and energy is not. In fact, the projection of these distorted fields, by people in authority, is the principle reason why so many people continue to adhere to self-limiting patriarchal values that devalue spiritual freedom.

A New Paradigm

The domination of patriarchal values will be replaced by a new paradigm when enough people have overcome the effects of their karmic baggage and patriarchal conditioning. That’s when a new culture based on cooperation, shared responsibility and Self-awareness will emerge. It will replace a world order that still supports religious, cultural and political institutions that are antagonistic to spiritual freedom.

As an individual, you can do your share to speed up that process by embracing life-affirming core values such a patience, generosity, perseverance, empathy and non-harming and by performing the Spiritual Freedom Mudra.

A mudra is a symbolic gesture that can be made with the hands and fingers or in combination with the tongue and feet. Each mudra has a specific effect on the subtle field and the consciousness and energy flowing through it.

By performing the Spiritual Freedom Mudra every day for two weeks, you will increase the amount of life-affirming consciousness and energy radiating through your subtle field. That in turn will enhance your experience of spiritual freedom.

The Spiritual Freedom Mudra

To perform the spiritual freedom mudra, sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. Then close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose for two to three minutes. When you’re ready to continue, open your eyes and place your left thumb on the acupuncture point on the inside edge of your right thumb just below the nail. Place the inside tips of your index fingers together. Your middle fingers are curved inward and touching from the first to second joint. The pads of your ring fingers are touching up to the first joint. And your left pinkie is placed over the nail of your right pinkie from the tip to the first joint.

Hold the mudra with your eyes closed for ten minutes and enjoy the shift you experience. Then count from one to five. When you reach the number five, release the mudra and open your eyes. You will feel wide awake, perfectly relaxed and better than you did before.

The End

Were America’s Greatest Presidents Extraterrestrials?

By Keith Sherwood

No, this isn’t a joke question – and I’m not a birther from an exoplanet. What I’m suggesting is that all of us, including America’s three greatest presidents, have incarnated many times – and that we’ve shared the multiverse with other sentient beings. These two beliefs are not new, nor are they outside the cultural mainstream. For untold generations, the vast majority of people around the world have accepted them both as facts. They’ve also accepted the fact that their past life experiences and relationships, some of which took place on exoplanets, continue to influence their decisions, relationships and character.

All this was vividly displayed by America’s three greatest presidents, whose soul vibrations and karmic heritage indicate that they were incarnated many times – and that some of their earlier incarnations were otherworldly.

Soul Vibration & Karmic Heritage

A person’s soul vibration will be determined by their planetary history and the choices they made during their prior incarnations. If a person was incarnated, at least once, on a planet free of predatory, non-physical beings and distorted fields of subtle matter, energy and consciousness – and their choices were life-affirming – they will inherit an enhanced soul vibration.

If a person was incarnated on a planet, at least once, that was plagued by predatory non-physical beings and distorted fields of subtle matter, energy and consciousness – and if their decisions were self-limiting – they will inherit a more distorted soul vibration.

A person’s soul vibration and karmic heritage (decisions, activities and relationships) will determine their core values. It will also play a dominant role in determining whether they have a strong, life-affirming character. The characteristics of a strong life-affirming character include discipline, courage, perseverance, patience, long suffering and non-harming.

Is Everybody an Alien?

The majority of people alive today have lived their past lives exclusively on Earth. However, this is not always the case. Well over forty percent of humans, during the past several centuries, have lived one or more past lives on an exoplanet. Some have even lived the majority of their past lives on exoplanets.

Habitable exoplanets come in two varieties: there are exoplanets where no predatory beings or distorted fields have penetrated the collective field of subtle matter, energy and consciousness. And there are exoplanets where predatory beings and distorted fields have taken control of the collective field to one degree or another.

Earth is unique – at least to my knowledge; that’s because the forces of light (life-affirming) and dark (self-limiting) are engaged in a momentous struggle for domination. This ongoing struggle is reflected in American history; first in the founders’ decisions to create a republic, at the end of the eighteenth century; once again when America’s slaves were emancipated, in the middle of the nineteenth century; and in the middle of the twentieth century when the United States fought, along with its allies, against fascism. During these three turning points in human history, the United States was led by remarkable men, George Washington, during the American Revolution and its transition from a confederation into a republic, Abraham Lincoln, during the civil war and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, during the great depression and Second World War.

The character and leadership qualities of all three presidents are a reflection of their shared soul vibration and life-affirming core values.

George Washington

Washington’s self-effacing character, empathy and courage are a clear indication that he’d lived on an untainted exoplanet where the inhabitants freely shared pleasure, love, intimacy and joy with one another.

His perseverance, his ability to make appropriate decisions and overcome adversity and his status among his contemporaries also indicates that his soul vibration was enhanced and that he embraced life-affirming core values.

Washington faced the death of his father and many of his siblings when he was child; he also contracted smallpox while on a trip to Barbados; in both cases he bounced back. Although he only had an elementary education, his innate skill in mathematics enabled him to become a surveyor and to use his position as a stepping stone to positions of leadership.

During the American Revolution, he suffered several disastrous defeats, especially at the Battle of Long Island. But he never gave up. He persevered and used guerrilla tactics, a rarity at the time, to frustrate the British.

Thomas Jefferson had this to say about the first president: “His integrity was most pure, his justice the most inflexible I have ever known, no motives of interest or consanguinity, of friendship or hatred, being able to bias his decision. He was, indeed, in every sense of the words, a wise, a good, and a great man.”

Slavery has been a divisive issue in America for centuries. However, despite having been a slave owner, he openly spoke out against the institution. And just before his death in 1799, Washington freed his slaves; something the other founders didn’t have the courage to do.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln shared the same soul vibration as Washington and many of the same core values. His courage and perseverance in the face of adversity – and his ability to overcome a life-long struggle with depression – indicate that he enjoyed the benefits of having lived, at least once, on an untainted exoplanet.

Like Washington, misfortune stalked Lincoln when he was a youth. His mother died when he was nine, and he had to deal with a cruel and habitually abusive father. Living on the frontier and moving often offered him scant opportunity to forge long term friendships or go to school.

While living alone with his sister in Indiana, he came close to dying when he was pulled out of a swollen stream. Even the death of Mary Rutledge, his first love, didn’t deter him from carrying on and accepting the burden of the presidency.

In Mark C. Crowley’s book “Lead from the Heart: Transformational Leadership for the 21st Century,” we learn that “According to Kearns Goodwin, Lincoln’s prodigious influence on friends and foes alike was due to his extraordinary empathy – the ability to put himself in the place of another, to experience what they were feeling and to understand their motives and desires.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

FDR’s enhanced soul vibration and life-affirming core values provided him with the resources he needed to persevere – even after he’d been afflicted by polio in 1921. The same resources enabled him to successfully steer the United States through two of its greatest crises, the great depression and the Second World War. His empathy and lack of self-limiting patterns are a clear indication that he’d lived on an untainted exoplanet where the inhabitants shared pleasure, love, intimacy and joy freely.

Unlike most politicians of the day, Roosevelt believed that government had the responsibility to secure the well-being of all its citizens.

During the worst years of the depression, when more than 5,000 American banks collapsed and twenty five per cent of America’s workforce were unemployed, Roosevelt created a counsel of college professors for policy advice. This gave him the flexibility he needed to create policies that would be approved by congress. His ability to unite the country and use the power of government for the benefit of all Americans testified to the empathy and compassion he had for his countrymen and women.

His foresight and enlightened policies also gave the United States time to prepare for conflict with imperial Japan and Nazi Germany, one which he believed was inevitable. It also made the United States an active, if undeclared, participant in the war even before Pearl Harbor.

Roosevelt died in April 1945 before the conclusion of the war. Nevertheless, his legacy lives on in the hearts of millions of his countrymen and women.

The End

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