Your Life is Eternal

By Keith Sherwood

To prepare for an afternoon of meditation and reflection, Karen locked the door behind her and carefully placed the two cushions under her knees. It wasn’t the first time she’d taken a day off her normal activities to seek entrance into what she’d hoped would be the timeless state of transcendence. As a child, she would sometimes wake up in her dreams with her will and self-awareness intact. Then she’d slip out of her body and float above her bed. At other times, she would leave her house altogether and fly a few feet above the choppy water of San Francisco Bay. The experiences were surprisingly joyful and would elevate her mood for days afterward. Only later did she learn that the phenomena had a name. It was called lucid dreaming. She still didn’t fully understand how she could be fully conscious while she dreamt. At first she thought her nightly excursions were a symptom of something dangerous. Later she realized that a preconscious state existed alongside the waking state and that she could visit it through her dreams. It was that state that she yearned to revisit.

She was still kneeling on the floor, two hours later, with her elbows on the side of her bed when something extraordinary took place. An unknown force struck her between her shoulder blades and pushed her forward, through the bed. She remained fully conscious and knew falling through the bed was physically impossible. However, she had no time to wonder about it because a moment later she was catapulted upward through what she described as a ‘time-space vortex’. As she explained to me during our meeting, “I didn’t know how long the journey took, but when I reached my destination, two things became abundantly clear; I didn’t need a physical-material body to be fully conscious, and I could interact with my environment and the sentient beings within it with full volition.

Karen isn’t unique, nor was her experience. Many people have had similar experiences and have recognized that they exist and function simultaneously within a physical-material world and a subtle world of energy and consciousness.

Ernest Hemingway was one of them. He had an out-of-body experience during the Great War. While he was convalescing in Milan, he told a friend that a big Austrian mortar shell, called an ash-can, exploded in the darkness. “I died then. I felt my soul or something coming right out of my body, like you'd pull a silk handkerchief out of a pocket by one corner. It flew around and then came back and went in again, and I wasn't dead anymore.

You’re an Inter-Dimensional Being

Out-of-body experiences, which include lucid dreaming, astral projection and near death experiences, are more common than most people think. All three are closely related to death, which is part of a repetitive cycle of life, death and rebirth. All people participate in this repetitive cycle until they become consciously aware of their a-priori state of enlightenment.

Although their causes may vary, all out-of-body experiences have two things in common. They temporarily separate a person from the physical-material universe, and they catapult them into a domain of primordial Life we call Inter-Space.

Although the universe, we call home, is vast, it’s only one of an infinite number of universes that float in the endless sea of inter-space. You and everyone else on Earth are eternal beings because you exist simultaneously in your home-universe and the space in-between, i.e. inter-space. While you are alive (and awake), your center of awareness is your home-universe. Once you sleep, die or leave your body, your center of awareness becomes inter-space.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re continuously interacting with inter-space. This means that inter-space affects you when you are alive and when you’re dead. In fact, it’s your interactions with inter-space that sheds light on why you sleep, what you experience between incarnations, and why you and so many others are convinced, at least on a visceral level, that you will exist forever.

The Composition of Inter-Space

To understand the relationship you have to inter-space and the effect it has on you, we need to look at its composition. From our ongoing research, we’ve learned that inter-space is both a location and a condition. As a location, inter-space occupies all the time-space between the universes that float within it. As a condition, inter-space exists as a series of interpenetrating fields. Within your personal field of matter, energy and consciousness, these fields regulate your sleep patterns, your personal cycle of life, death and rebirth, your breath, your access to the life-force (which will determine your level of vitality and personal power), your light-body, (which is your vehicle of manifestation and self-expression while you’re dead), and finally the field of Atman (which regulates your access to bliss).

To enhance your relationship to inter-space while you are alive, you must first recognize, like the adepts of Yoga and Taoism did before you, that life didn’t emerge from an inert universe. On the contrary, our universe and everything else that exists emerged from Life. This means that the foundation of your existence is Life and nothing can separate you from Life. In fact, when you make the transition from life into death, Life continues to be the foundation of your existence. This explains why a person’s life can be renewed time and again, through the process of reincarnation.

Waking Up in Inter-Space

By now, some of you are probably asking yourselves, “what is it like when I make the transition into inter-space?” Although the answer will depend on the condition of your subtle field of energy and consciousness when you die, we can say some things with confidence.

First, your memory of life on Earth and your sense of personal identity will fade in the same way that your memory of dreams usually fades shortly after you wake up. It’s unlikely that this will pose a problem for you because you will continue to exist in a recognizable form. The sense of existence is associated with your universal identity, what is called Paramatman in Sanskrit. You will continue to breathe because your breath is centered in inter-space, and it connects you to consciousness, energy and subtle matter. Although you won’t inhale air while you are within inter-space, you will continue to bring prana into your field on each inhalation. You will retain vitality and personal power, which means that you will be able to manifest your functions of mind – including intent, will, desire, resistance, surrender, acceptance, knowing, choice, commitment, rejection, faith, enjoyment, destruction, creativity, and love through your light-body.

On a practical level, this means that you will be able to defend yourself against any being that tries to interfere with your well-being while you’re dead. It may sound odd to talk about well-being while you’re dead – but well-being will remain an issue even while your existence is centered in inter-space.

Since the field of Atman is centered in inter-space, bliss (universal love) will continue to permeate your subtle field even while you’re dead. This means that you can’t be separated from universal consciousness (God) for any reason. It also means that you are an essential part of the fabric of the multiverse, and your destiny will be intertwined with it forever.

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