You Think Too Much

By Keith Sherwood

You are an inter-dimensional being and your physical-material body houses a series of subtle vehicles that allow you to interact with the world and participate in intimate relationships.

These vehicles are surrounded by exceptional meridians and concentrations of subtle energy and consciousness called auric fields. Your exceptional meridians and auric fields serve as boundaries that can deflect the intrusion of distorted consciousness, energy, jing (the essence of energy), and subtle matter in the form of ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have enough (pure) consciousness, chi or jing flowing through their exceptional meridians – or strong enough boundaries – to prevent distorted fields from intruding into their subtle field.

Distorted consciousness in the form of ideas, thoughts and mental impressions can create anti-self-patterns that strengthen the power of your ego and limit your ability to identify with your authentic Self.

Distorted energy and jing can interfere with your ability to experience and express healthy feelings and emotions. They can also introduce distorted feelings and emotions into your subtle energy field. If you become attached to them, they will disrupt your relationships and interfere with your spiritual evolution.

Distorted subtle matter can interfere with your well-being by introducing sensations into your field that are unnatural and self-limiting. When enough intrusions of distorted subtle matter have become trapped in your subtle field, they can cause physical symptoms, such as discomfort, numbness and pain. These symptoms may appear to emerge exclusively from your physical body, but their true source is your subtle field.

Where Do They Come From?

Distorted ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations can be projected into your subtle field by human beings and by non-physical beings that are antagonistic to human life and the expansion of human consciousness in the form of bliss.

The effect that they have as they radiate can be likened to waves created when a stone has been thrown into a still lake; the stone makes an impact at a certain point and this impact radiates equally in all directions in a series of waves, which make an impression on all objects within its medium or field. The impact the projections of a person or non-physical being will have on someone will be determined by the strength of the projection as well as the receptivity of the receiver to the ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations of the being who has projected them.

This process helps to explain the subtle dynamics of trust and distrust, alienation, friendship and animosity as well as why a person can become suddenly depressed or anxious when s-he meets someone new, enters a new environment or comes into contact with an entity. It also explains why some humans and entities can have an almost hypnotic effect on people.

The effect that a human or non-physical being can have on people can be so disruptive that it’s important to take inventory of the people with whom you associate and the non-physical beings that you have integrated into your life.

Which Thoughts and Emotion Are Yours

Below are some guidelines which will help you to determine whether ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations which disturb you are generated from other people and – or from non-physical beings.

  1. Thought proceeds emotion: If you suddenly feel something not related to what you are thinking about, it’s probably not your feeling.

  2. Thoughts and feelings out of the context of what you are doing at the moment generally are not your own.

  3. Heavy feelings that press on you from the outside are not your feelings. They are being projected to you from an outside source.

  4. Feelings and thoughts that hammer at you, even when you want to get rid of them, are not your own; they are being projected at you.

  5. Sudden and dramatic emotional changes are caused by the intrusion of discordant energy fields.

  6. Charges, accusations, badgering and the perpetual charge, ‘you are wrong’ or ‘you are bad,’ don’t originate in your subtle field.

  7. Sudden weakness or exhaustion as well as confusion or anxiety come from discordant energy fields being projected at you.

  8. Physical experiences, heat, pressures, thrills, etc., which are out of context with what you are doing, are generated by external, distorted fields.

  9. Pervasive feels of anxiety, depression and-or anti-self-ideas, emotions, feelings and sensations always come from an outside source.

  10. Ideas and beliefs such as you are superior, special or have been chosen and therefore not subject to the normal rules of human behavior always emerge from distorted fields.