The Foundation of Toxic Masculinity

By Keith Sherwood

In order to understand the how and why of toxic masculinity, we must begin with the authentic mind of homo sapiens.

On non-physical dimensions, the authentic mind is composed of the subtle field of consciousness, energy and etheric matter, their organs, cavities, bodies and vehicles – and the consciousness, energy and etheric matter that nourishes them.

On the physical-material level, the authentic mind is composed of the brain and nervous system and the chemicals in the body, including hormones and enzymes that influence their structure and activities.

The combination of physical-material and non-physical elements creates the third part of the authentic mind – the network. All three elements have their own unique capabilities and needs.

The network is particularly important because it includes the subtle connections the mind has to its individual parts and to things beyond itself. These include vehicles of consciousness, energy and etheric matter that can extend beyond body space.

The organs of perception (sight, sensation, hearing, etc.) are also part of the authentic mind. They can be directed inward into the mind itself or outward into the external environment. When they are directed outward, they can make contact with other networks and interact with them.

It’s this function that allows men and women to experience intimacy. Unfortunately, it also enables, the ego, invasive fields of consciousness, energy, etheric matter and non-physical beings to enter the human mind and create toxic men and women.

Now that we have broadened our understanding of mind, it’s necessary to examine three bogus ideas about what makes men and women human. It’s these three bogus ideas that support male toxicity and patriarchal societies. After that, we can create a model of the post-toxic male.

Bogus Idea # 1

The first bogus idea asserts that humans are physical-material creatures with big brains that evolved from more primitive ancestors. Sure, your physical-material body has evolved on this planet, and you do have a big brain. But you’re not exclusively a physical being and never have been. You’re an interdimensional being whose soul and spirit existed long before your physical-material body became a vehicle for an advanced soul.

Your sentience is not unique either. You share the multiverse on both the physical-material and non-physical planes with many other beings who are also sentient.

The truth is that the multiverse is teeming with life because the life force animates everything it touches and serves as the medium that connects everything that lives together. It follows that the ubiquity of the life force is sufficient to animate your soul and spirit which means they don’t require a physical-material body to exist. It also means that you may have incarnated into a physical-material body many times before your soul and spirit arrived on Earth, and some of your earliest incarnations may have been on other planets. It’s unlikely, therefore, that your level of toxicity, whether you’re a man or woman, has been influenced exclusively by the condition of your nervous system and the chemical interactions that have taken place during your present incarnation on Earth.

Additional factors must be taken into consideration including your karmic heritage, attachments, subtle interactions on the levels of consciousness, energy and etheric matter with other beings, in this life and earlier incarnations on Earth and other planets, as well as your relationship to Gaia, our terrestrial home and Universal Consciousness, who is the original source and essence of the life force.

Bogus Idea # 2

The second bogus idea that I want to debunk asserts that you’re an individual being that communicates exclusively through touch, body language and the spoken word. This bogus idea doesn’t fly any further than the first one for good reason: You’re not an isolated individual living on a small orb circling an unremarkable star. You’re a universal being because of your connection to Universal Consciousness – and you’re an interdimensional being because you participate with Shakti (energy with universal qualities) in the evolving and involving multiverse of consciousness, energy and etheric matter.

It’s because you’re connected to both Universal Consciousness and Shakti that you have the capacity to interact and communicate with other sentient beings on the subtle planes of consciousness, energy and subtle matter, even if you’re largely unaware of these interactions and the influence they have on your core values, well-being and level of toxicity.

Bogus Idea # 3

The root cause of toxic masculinity can be found within your physical environment and cultural conditioning you received as a child. This idea is bogus because toxic masculinity isn’t caused by environmental factors and conditioning – although it can certainly be influenced by them both.

The toxic cultural environment and the conditioning children receive are additional symptoms of the toxic subtle environment created and sustained by distorted fields of consciousness, energy and etheric matter. These distorted fields, which only have individual qualities, can influence individuals and groups and even whole societies because cause-and-effect relationships connect the physical-material world with the non-physical world. This means that your level of toxicity, whether you’re a man or a woman, can be influenced by negative projections and intrusions of consciousness, energy and etheric matter as well as attachments created by people and non-physical beings.

What’s more, like everyone else, you have two minds – an authentic mind of awareness and perception, that is life-affirming and has the capacity to radiate pleasure, love, intimacy and joy, and an inauthentic mind composed of the ‘I’, ego and fields of consciousness, energy and subtle matter with individual qualities.

Attachment to the ‘I’ can prevent you from experiencing bliss. Attachment to the ego can prevent you from forming a strong, life-affirming identity, and attachment to fields with individual qualities can create blockages and self-limiting patterns that interfere with your insight, intuition and discernment. In extreme cases when the individual mind and ego has usurped the functions of your authentic mind, your gender orientation can become toxic and it can become difficult, if not impossible, to express your feelings, engage in intimate relationships and participate in the normal activities of life.

A Model of the Post-Toxic Male

Because of the authentic mind’s inherent plasticity, our model of the post-toxic male only requires three things, which are interconnected and apply to every adult male (and female) during all the successive stages of life.

Space: Without space on the subtle levels, suffering is inevitable. In your mind, space is both structural and functional. Space is located in all your subtle fields and cavities, including your auric fields, your three dantians, domains and their associated cavities, chakra fields, energy gates and resource fields. Space can also be found in the network because it contains vehicles of consciousness, energy and etheric matter that can make contact with other sentient beings.

Without internal space, creativity will become stifled and self-awareness will be severely restricted. The development of these two conditions will disrupt the formation of a strong, stable identity – and that will create fertile ground for the development of toxic masculinity. Space also creates time for life-affirming emotions and feelings – that emerge from the subtle field – to be expressed in their fullness. With enough space, particularly on the subtle levels, the Self will emerge in its fullness; that will enable you to use your intuition and discernment to make appropriate, life-affirming decisions.

Stability: Movement in the mind is anathema to mental health and healthy masculinity. A healthy mind is stable, which means nothing within it moves independently. To remain stable and to maintain a healthy synergy between your consciousness, emotions, feelings and sensations, your mind must be free from attachments to distorted fields, people and non-physical beings for good reason: Any sentient being that has become attached to you – via network interactions – can project self-limiting and anti-self thoughts, ideas, attitudes, emotions and feelings into your mind that can disrupt this synergy. These intrusions move erratically and unpredictably, which is why they inevitably lead to confusion, isolation, intense suffering and why they contribute to the creation of a toxic masculinity in boys and young men.

Stability also requires strong boundaries. Boundaries – in the form of thin membranes – surround your auric fields, dantians and their subordinate cavities, chakra fields, energy gates and resource fields.

Pushing and pulling consciousness, energy and etheric material through these membranes and interacting with non-physical beings weaken boundaries and will allow distorted fields and alien life-forms to enter your subtle field. Intrusions of this sort will weaken your functions of mind and identity and interfere with your ability to keep your mind focused.

Silence: The authentic mind doesn’t think in words or try to understand anything; ‘it observes till it knows.’ That’s why static in the form of the internal dialogue can disrupt mental health. The authentic mind, when functioning as designed, gains knowledge through insight, intuition and discernment – not through chewing on words, memories or ideas that are subjective and constantly changing. Persistently focusing your mind on cause-and-effect relationships and mental chatter in order to understand ‘what’s going on’ creates attachments to distorted fields and non-physical beings, and that can weaken your ability to stay centered in your authentic mind.

Once a post toxic male has enhanced the space, stability and silence he has available, his individual mind and ego will lose control of his organs of perception and expression and they will quickly revert to their original function, which is to serve the needs of the authentic mind.

The End